Conder Washdown Silt Separator - 4,000 Litres

Premier Tech Aqua/Conder

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The Conder washdown silt separator can be used in areas such as car wash and other cleaning facilities that discharge directly into a foul drain.

  • Car wash
  • Tool hire depots
  • Truck cleansing
  • Construction compounds cleansing points


Such wash down facilities must not be allowed to discharge directly into surface water but must be directed to a foul connection leading to a municipal treatment works as they utilise emulsifiers, soaps and detergents, which can dissolve and disperse the oils.


  • Light & easy to install
  • Inclusive of silt storage volume
  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors
  • Vent points within necks
  • Extension access shafts for deeper inverts
  • Maintenance from ground level


  • Capacity: 4,000L
  • Silt Storage: 2,000mm 
  • Diameter: 1,200mm 
  • Length: 3,737mm