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10mm Gravel and Shingle Trade Pack

Waste Water Supplies

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A shingle suitable for use with underground soil and soakaway pipe.

Construction of Soakaway Drainage fields

  • Use solid perforated foul drainage pipe, with the slots/holes at the bottom, laid in trenches of a uniform gradient not steeper than 1:200
  • Pipes should be laid at a minimum depth of 200mm and a maximum depth of 700mm. to enable aerobic contact between the effluent and the drainage stone and soil particle
  • The Maximum length of a single trench is 30 metres.
  • Pipes should be laid on 300mm of clean shingle, gravel or broken grade 1 stone ( 20mm – 50mm ).
  • Soakaway drainage field trenches should be filled to a level of 50mm above the pipe
  • Drainage trenches should be between 300mm and 900mm wide with areas of undisturbed ground of minimum 1m wide between parallel trenches.
  • An inspection chamber should be installed between the septic tank and the drainage field.


  • Delivered and unloaded in bulk bags for large project quantities
  • The high strength jumbo bags can be used for multiple purposes
  • Acts as a weed suppressant
  • Actual weight will vary depending on moisture content
  • The product is locally sourced and natural so the colour may vary from images shown