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Clearwater Grease Separator NSG24


Regular price £6,635.00

Clearwater grease separators are designed for commercial and industrial applications such as restaurants and hotels. They are an effective and hygienic method of separating fat and grease from wastewater flow.

Grease separators protect mains drainage systems from grease blockages.

The units are sized based upon the facilities advised number of meals per day. The wastes discharged into the unit are expected to come from pot washing sinks, dishwashers and other kitchen wash sinks.

These separators are only suitable for below ground installation.

Features of Clearwater grease separators:

  • Greatly reduces drain blockages for maximum operational efficiency
  • Helps improve performance of septic tanks and field drains for best results
  • Manhole cover for easy access for maintenance
  • Proven performance in accordance with BS EN 1825-1
  • Protects mains drainage system from grease blockages
  • Easy to install


Tank Code Capacity (litres) Length (mm) Flow (litres/second) Meals served per day
NSG04 2000 2072 4 200 meals
NSG06 3000 3018 6 300 meals 
NSG09 4000 3895 9 500 meals
NSG18 8000 3231 18 700 meals
NSG24 11,0000 4386 24 900 meals