Clearwater Shallow Septic Tank 2,800 Litre


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Clearwater engineers have recently completed the design and testing process of their next generation shallow dig septic tank range, which will drastically reduce installation costs by up to as much as 50% of an ordinary septic tank.

Clearwater shallow septic tanks are designed for installations where conventional spherical septic tanks could not practically be installed. Typically, in areas where there is granite rock or when you’re on a high-water table.

The Clearwater Sigma septic tank will drastically reduce the time and cost of a septic tank installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Pea gravel backfill for dry sites
  • EN 12566-1 approved
  • Installation in hard rock areas where deep digs are not possible
  • 30mm between inlet and outlet
  • 5 and 1m neck extensions available for deeper installations


  • 2,800 litres
  • Diameter - 1.2m
  • Length - 2.9m
  • Height - 1.7m

The Clearwater Sigma is a stock item and is typically available within 3 - 5 working days to any site in the UK including Scotland.

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