Conder Shallow Septic Tank 3,000 Litre

Premier Tech Aqua/Conder

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Premier Tech Aqua - Conder manufacturer a range of low profile septic tanks called Millenniums. Conder Millenniums are made from a durable polyethylene structure and have an automatic outlet cut-off for filter cleaning.

The Conder Millennium septic tank range also offers the benefit of a pre-filter just before the outlet  which prolongs the lifespan of the drainage field and increases TSS retention. The tank is supplied complete with a 1m neck extension, making the invert adjustable between 200mm and 1.2m.

The vessel comes with either an option for concrete backfill, or for granular backfill which is called a Super Reinforced Millennium which is made of a more heavy-duty reinforced material.

  • Capacity in litres  - 3,000 litres
  • Capacity in people - 5 people
  • Diameter -1,500 mm
  • Length - 2,420 mm
  • Weight - 126Kg
  • Invert - 200 mm - 1200 mm.

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