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Klargester Bioficient - 6


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Klargester have introduced their newest sewage treatment plant, The Bioficient Package Sewage Treatment System. The Bioficient is designed for shallow-dig applications. The packaged system comes complete with control panel, loss of pressure alarm and blowerThe Bioficient can be supplied suitable for gravity discharge, or with an integrated pump system if required.

The Bioficient has been specially designed for shallow-dig applications, allowing for an unobtrusive below-ground installation. Its unique design features include its low profile and extension neck, saving on-site time and expense.

The Bioficient is a highly economical and reliable solution for your sewage treatment needs. With low running costs, the all-new Bio-Ficient is easy to maintain, with the high performance you'd expect from a Kingspan Klargester model.

Sizing your System

Bioficient 1: suitable for up to 6 population (up to 4 bedrooms) - black plastic construction

Bioficient 3: suitable for up to 10 population (up to 8 bedrooms)- GRP construction

Bioficient 4: suitable for up to 15 population (up to 13 bedrooms)

Bioficient 5: suitable for up to 20 population (up to 18 bedrooms)

Bioficient 6: suitable for up to 30 population (up to 28 bedrooms)

How the Klargester Bioficient works

The moving aerated media process used is a compact development of the traditional biological process and provides a more effective and complete means of reducing the loads.

  1. Raw sewage gravitates to the unit where it is received in the primary settlement zone. Here, gross solids and other social debris settle to the bottom of the tank where they remain until the tank requires de-sludging. Settled sewage is displaced from primary zone and enters the first of : two sequential moving aerated media reactors.
  2. Media and liquid circulation in each zone is achieved through the use of a compressor and diffuser, which introduces fresh air into each compartment. The liquor is constantly re-circulated and contacts the moving media and as it does so, it is purified by the microorganisms (biomass) growing on the surface of the media and within the moving liquor. Excess growth of biomass is shed as solid particles into the liquor.
  3. The final settlement tank is where humus solids settle to form sludge. At pre-set intervals, portions of the sludge and liquor are returned to the primary tank for additional treatment.
  4. Final effluent is displaced from the final settlement tank. With regulator approval, it is suitable for discharge to a watercourse or drainage field.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimal visual impact
  • Excellent ammonia reduction (0.4 mg/l)
  • New higher performance compressor
  • Installation in trafficked areas (with structural advice)
  • Low profile cover, slightly larger than a manhole cover and flat
  • Comes with a standard invert of 785mm which can be trimmed to a minimum of 500mm. Extension necks can be purchased separately to increase the invert height.
  • Saves on-site installation time
  • Low running costs
  • Integral pumped discharge now available up to Bioficient 4

Invert 500mm

  • Population equivalent: 30
  • Overall Diameter: 1920mm
  • Length: 6220mm
  • Invert Inlet: 500mm
  • Outlet Invert: 630mm
  • Material: GRP
  • Cover Sizes: 1500

Invert 1000mm

  • Population equivalent: 30
  • Overall Diameter: 1920mm
  • Length: 6220mm
  • Invert Inlet: 1000mm
  • Outlet Invert: 1130mm
  • Material: GRP
  • Cover Sizes: 900

Invert 1500mm

  • Population equivalent: 30
  • Overall Diameter: 1920mm
  • Length: 6220mm
  • Invert Inlet: 1500mm
  • Outlet Invert: 1630mm
  • Material: GRP
  • Cover Sizes: 600
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