Klargester Bypass Separator: Area up to 2500 sq/metres


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  • Surface car parks
  • Roadways
  • Lightly contaminated commercial areas


Klargester were one of the first UK manufacturers to have separators tested to EN 858-1. Klargester have now added the NSB bypass range to their portfolio of certified and tested models.

The NSB number denotes the maximum flow at which the separator treats liquids.

Each bypass separator design includes the necessary volume requirements for;

  • Oil separation capacity
  • Silt storage capacity
  • Oil storage volume
  • Coalescer

The Klargester bypass separator is designed to treat 10% of peak flow. 

Class 1 separators are designed to achieve a concentration of 5mg/litre of oil under standard test conditions

Class 2 separators are designed to achieve a concentration of 100mg/litre of oil under standard test conditions


  • Light and easy to install
  • Class 1 and Class 2 designs
  • Inclusive of silt storage volume
  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors
  • Vent points within necks
  • Oil alarm system available (required by EN 858-1)
  • Extension access shafts for deeper inverts
  • Maintenance from ground level

To specify a normal size bypass separator, the following information is required;

  • The calculated flow rate from the drainage area served
  • The required discharge standard - this will decide whether a class 1 or class 2 unit is required
  • The drain invert inlet depth
  • Pipework type, size and orientation


  • Flow (l/s) - 4.5
  • Peak flow rate  (l/s) - 45
  • Drainage area (M2) - 2500
  • Storage capacity silt - 450l
  • Storage capacity oil - 60l
  • Length - 1.7m
  • Dia - 1.3m