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Marsh Sewage Single Pump Station - 6000L (CPS6)

Marsh Industries

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A cost-effective and dependable solution to your sewage and wastewater needs, the Marsh Sewage Single Free-Standing Pump Station is designed for properties situated far from the sewage system and requires a reliable and efficient way to collect and transfer wastewater. As a single pump station, it is perfect for outbuildings with a toilet or a home extension where most of the house is connected to the mains sewer by gravity.

Perfect for when gravity is not an option, this pump station is a sizable tank that collects sewage and foul water. Once the level reaches a predetermined amount, the integrated pump is triggered, creating pressure to force the sewage along a network of discharge pipes into a gravity sewer or a sewage treatment plant.

Features & Benefits: Marsh Sewage Twin Pump Station with Guiderails - 1800 x 3400mm

  • Reliable and efficient solution for collecting and transferring wastewater
  • Number of people: 40
  • Designed for properties far from the sewage system
  • Perfect for situations where gravity cannot be utilised
  • Twin pumps provide a backup system in case of failure
  • Guide rails ensure proper installation
  • Market-leading submersible pumps for maximum reliability and efficiency
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial sites

This Marsh Sewage Station offers the additional advantage of having twin pumps. This ensures that if one pump fails, the other pump will continue to function without any disruption in the pumping process. The twin pump system provides peace of mind, knowing that your property's wastewater needs are consistently met. The station's guide rails are used to guide the pumps onto the auto-coupling in a submerged installation.

Marsh utilises market-leading submersible pumps in all their pump stations to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency with minimal clogging or wear. The Marsh range of pump stations is suitable for sewage, final effluent, grinders, and surface water (twin/single) applications in all domestic, commercial, and industrial sites, including agricultural water and wastewater, food processing, industrial wastewater, marine, water treatment, and more.

Standards & Certification

  • British/European Standard: BS EN 12050, BS EN 752 and BS EN 752-6

Each pump chamber contains a number of float switches linked to a control panel that automatically controls flow and levels.

In a single pump chamber there are three float switches:
Float A: Actuates the pump cycle until level drops to low level.
Float B: Low level float stops the pump.
Float C: High level alarm – positioned above the pump actuator float (min 100mm).

For twin pump chamber operation there is an additional float switch (Float D) – usually positioned 150mm above first actuator (A) – which actuates the second pump in periods of higher flow.

After each cycle the pumps alternate to extend pump life and are designed to run for a minimum of 60 seconds with no more than 15 starts per hour.

Model Diameter
Inlet invert Inlet dia Outlet invert Outlet dia Storage below invert Total storage
Mini 600 1100 500 110 300 63 120 234L
Midi 600 1500 500 110 300 63 280 421L
Maxi 600 2000 500 110 300 63 421 561L
CPS1 1170 1100 500 110 300 63 470 867L
CPS2 1170 1500 700 110 300 63 780 1183L
CPS3 1170 2200 900 110 300 63 1025 1735L
CPS4 1170 2600 900 110 300 63 1340 2050L
CPS5 1958 2100 900 110 300 63 2440 3700L
CPS6 1958 3400 900 110 300 63 4000 6000L
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