Osma 450mm Universal Inspection Chamber Shaft

Waste Water Supplies

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Osma 450mm diameter Universal Inspection Chamber Range for installations to a maximum of 1.2m (adoptable and non-adoptable)

  • 450mm diameter shaft for use with Universal Inspection Chamber bases
  • Shaft sections are 305mm with integral seal for quick and reliable push-fit connection.
  • Final shaft section can be cut to length
  • Three shaft sections required for max 1.2m invert depth (adoptable and non-adoptable)
  • Choice of five base configurations for equal and unequal pipe connections. For use with either 110/160mm OsmaDrain or 150mm UltraRib
  • For loading applications up to 15kN (1.5 Tonne) non trafficked / landscaped
  • Can be used for higher loadings (max. 12.5 tonnes) when frames supported by a concrete collar