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Marsh Hydroid Full retention separator - NSFR70

Marsh Industries

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A full retention oil separator is used where there may be a ‘high risk’ of a significant fuel spillage, such as vehicle workshops

Designed and tested to BS EN858 parts 1&2, Marsh Hydroil full retention separators are manufactured from virgin unfilled resin offering exceptional durability, impact resistance and are guaranteed to be watertight and of uniform thickness. These combined properties ensure that the full range of separators stand up to the most rigorous conditions during their service life.

Internal working components, such as coalescing filters, automatic closure devices, weirs, oil skimmer plates, and their configurations offer the most modern and efficient oil/water separation capability available to the market today.

A wide choice of inlet and outlet positions are available on the units – detailed requirements should be provided at time of order (standard inlet and outlet positions will otherwise be fitted).

Typical applications

  • Vehicle workshops
  • Refuel facilities
  • Fuel storage sites

Mitigation indices

As the world focuses on more green and environmentally friendly solutions, Marsh Industries has examined how effective their separators are when incorporating them into sustainable drainage schemes.

The company tested their full retention Hydroil separator range for total suspended solids and metal mitigation indices in line with industry-approved procedures at PIA, the notified test house in Aachen, Germany. This is in addition to an existing test procedure, whereby the Hydroil has already achieved EN858-1 certification for light liquid separators.

Combining these two test sets together and applying the simple index approach to proprietary/manufactured EN858 devices, the Hydroil separator range is able to achieve the following mitigation indices:

Hydrocarbons: 97.5%
Total Suspended Solids: 84.35%
Total Metal Reduction: 63.26%

The results will provide user confidence that the testing of this range is beyond reproach and cements these products as the complete surface water treatment solution for SuDS schemes.

Marsh Hydroil full-retention separators treat the full flow that is delivered by the drainage system, which is normally equivalent to the flow generated by a rainfall intensity of 65mm/hr.


  1. Inlet
  2. Coalescer
  3. Outlet
  4. Access turret
  5. Air vent
  6. Level alarm dip pipe
  • Designed and tested to meet latest UK and European standards
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Tank shells guaranteed for 25 years with a design life of 50 years
  • Heavy duty shells enable installation in all ground conditions
  • Easy access turrets for maintenance and servicing (Turret guards optional)
  • Various alarm types available (Required by EN858-1)
  • Variable invert depths and inlet/outlet configurations ­­­to suit individual site conditions
  • Vented turrets dissipate excessive fumes and vapours
  • Model - NSFR 70
  • Max Flow - 70 Litres/Sec
  • Drainage Area - 4318m2
  • Silt Storage - 7,000 litres
  • Oil Storage - 700 litres