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Types Of Septic Tanks

Spherical Septic Tank

The Onion shape septic tank is the most commonly used septic tank style in the UK - because of their shape they are easy to install and maintain. All these tanks come with a full instruction manual on how to install and maintain in order to prevent bad odour and deterioration of the septic tank.  Most onion shape septic tanks should be installed with a concrete surround, unlike the cylindrical Tricel tank and the Clearwater Shallow Septic Tank which can be installed with a granular backfill.

The onion shape septic tank are the cheapest option on the market for off mains drainage solutions but do cost more to install that the shallow dig septic tank options.

GRP Cylindrical Septic Tank

This style of septic tank has a lower invert than most other septic tanks and a 40% lower profile than the onion shape alternative. Cylindrical septic tanks are suitable for installations in high water table areas or where the construction depth cannot be too deep, the cylindrical shape also makes this type of septic tank much easier to install.

The key benefits are;

No concrete required, as long as the site conditions are dry and free draining and in a pedestrian area.

Shallower installation, so less soil to remove from site and smaller digger required

Shallower outlet, so no need to dig long deep soakaways

Rotomolded Cylindrical Low-Profile Septic Tanks

These tanks are very similar to the GRP type cylindrical septic tank, these septic tanks have a very low profile but because of their strong plastic construction are ideal for DIY installations. These tanks are extremely lightweight, making them very easy to move into position without needing large machinery.

These tanks have one of the shallowest installations available to date with a total height of 1.4m for the 6-person model.