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Marsh Industries launches innovative solution for nutrient neutrality

UK manufacturer, Marsh Industries, is leading the way in environmental best practice with the introduction of the Aqua-Puratine system, a groundbreaking solution designed to improve the quality of effluent from package sewage treatment plants and protect the nation's waterways.


The Aqua-Puratine solution integrates two pioneering products, Aqua-Puratine:EL and the Aqua-Puratine-G-APS

This innovative solution, born from over three years of intensive research and development, marks a significant milestone for Marsh Industries. By investing substantial resources into R&D, the company has meticulously exceeded all safety and effluent quality requirements.

While achieving zero nitrate in effluent remains a challenge, Marsh's newly certified Aqua-Puratine:EL sewage treatment plant can remove over 50% of nitrates through simultaneous nitrification and denitrification. This substantial reduction in nitrate levels compared to septic tanks and conventional aerobic package treatment plants will significantly reduce the environmental burden, lessening the need for offsetting measures.

“The Aqua-Puratine achieves combined effluent standards of TNb 18mg/l and Ptot 0.9mg/l”

This ambitious project has been a collaborative effort, engaging the expertise of the Process Engineering Group (PIA) at Aachen, Professor Tom Stephenson (Marsh Non-Executive Technical Director), and Marsh Industries' R&D and Technical Department.

The Aqua-Puratine solution integrates two pioneering products, Aqua-Puratine:EL and the Aqua-Puratine-G-APS, providing a practical and environmentally conscious answer to achieving nutrient neutrality in sensitive areas. These solutions offer a safe and sustainable approach, ensuring regulated, monitored and clean discharges for development projects.

"Our robust procedures and controls guarantee safe operation, consistent performance, and efficient problem reporting, all designed to meet the rigorous standards set by the Environment Agency and Natural England," said Steve Boyer, Managing Director at Marsh Industries. "This initiative benefits the entire UK population, spanning all employment sectors and particularly providing support to small building firms and related industries."

Marsh Industries remains committed to delivering wastewater treatment solutions that align with the requirements of Natural England and other regulatory bodies. The Aqua-Puratine solution showcases Marsh's dedication to preserving the safety and wellbeing of local habitats, rivers, waterways, humans, and wildlife.

Key benefits of Marsh Aqua-Puratine:

  • Effluent standards: Aqua-Puratine achieves combined effluent standards of TNb 18mg/l and Ptot 0.9mg/l.
  • Chemical residuals: Discharge contains extremely low or undetectable chemical residuals.
  • Monitoring and notifications: Advanced monitoring systems provide SMS/3G/4G notifications for power failure, overflow, flooding, compressor failure, and low chemical levels.
  • Intelligent dosing: Dosing is intelligently based on influent volumes, preventing overdosing and offering fail-safes for influent pump failure.
  • Safety measures: Safety locks secure access panels and chemical storage, ensuring safe operation.
  • High performance: Industrial timers and pumps ensure precise dosing for continuous high-compliance performance.

Marsh Industries has established strict installation, maintenance and reporting procedures to ensure that products are installed correctly, operate efficiently and are maintained according to Marsh Industry requirements. This maintenance is a requirement of the warranty and product guarantee.

For effluent testing, Marsh has partnered with ALS Laboratories, a nationally recognized institution, to provide certified sampling and reporting.

The Aqua-Puratine system, combining the Aqua-Puratine:EL and Aqua-Puratine-G-APS Intelligent Controlled Dosing:

  • Environmental protection: Aqua-Puratine reduces phosphate and ammonia discharge, safeguarding rivers, waterways, and wildlife.
  • Eutrophication reduction: The system effectively reduces COD and BOD levels, preventing eutrophication in rivers and lakes.
  • Certification: Aqua-Puratine systems are tested and certified by PIA
  • Adaptability: The G-APS can enhance effluent discharge quality for any sewage treatment plant.
  • Monitoring and alerts: The G-APS control panel monitors and alarms influent flow, applying chemicals as needed, with homeowner and Marsh alerts.
  • Energy efficiency: The G-APS consumes just 1 kWh/day of electricity.
  • Compliance: Marsh Sewage treatment plants adhere to the UK Forward for BSEN12566-3.

In summary, the Aqua-Puratine range represents a safe, practical solution that addresses the concerns of Natural England, the Environment Agency, and smaller developments, offering a unified standard for off-mains wastewater treatment. Marsh Industries manufactures the Aqua-Puratine range exclusively in the UK, from its plants in Somerset and Northamptonshire.