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Quantum Sewage Treatment Plant

QUANTUM Low Cost Sewage Treatment Plant

Quantum low cost sewage treatment plant
QUANTUM low cost sewage treatment plant for domestic houses

QUANTUM is the least cost and most compact sewage treatment plant in the UK. Retail Prices from £1,500+VAT (£1,800), delivered

  • Low purchase price
  • Low installation cost
  • Ultra compact tank – smallest on UK market
  • No ugly blower kiosk
  • No odour
  • Low noise
  • Made in UK
  • Can be used as a low cost septic tank conversion unit


The QUANTUM sewage treatment plant is an economy version of WTE’s best selling VORTEX sewage treatment plant.

Our QUANTUM sewage treatment plant is a low cost, advanced Activated Sludge Process (ASP).

It is designed to receive wastewater (sewage) and process it so that only a clear effluent is discharged into the environment after treatment.

QUANTUM is an economy version of our flagship VORTEX sewage treatment plant.

It is an ideal “all rounder” for domestic properties offering good performance in a very low cost tank.


  • Made in UK.
  • Extremely clean effluent - up to 97.3% pollutant reduction. 
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Odourless - complete aerobic digestion throughout the sewage treatment plant.
  • Minimal visual impact - only the small tank lid is visible. The low energy blower is housed in a watertight housing under the lid, so there is no ugly kiosk above ground.
  • Optional pumped outlet.
  • Fully adjustable to suit the number of people using it.
  • One piece tank construction - one piece moulded construction ensures no structural weakness.
  • Very small size enables economic installation in tight spaces.
  • The QUANTUM sewage treatment plant recycles its own waste products resulting in less sludge to remove.
  • No Primary Settlement Tank - No Primary Tank Odour.
  • Simple and cheap maintenance.
  • Cheap and easy installation.
  • 10 year tank warranty- no metalwork to corrode inside or outside the tank.
  • Can accept raw sewage pumped into it if required.
  • Versatile inlet depths - QUANTUM sewage treatment plants can be supplied for different inlet invert levels.

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QUANTUM sewage treatment plant