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How To Size a Pump Station

If the main sewer is accessible but at a higher level to (or some distance from) the domestic foul drain, then a domestic sewage pump set may be used to pump unsettled sewage directly to the main.

Whilst single pump units are acceptable for individual houses, it is recommended that twin pumping systems be used for multiple dwellings.

A septic tank or treatment system pump set can be used to disperse settled effluent when a site has a high-water table or adverse invert levels. Installed after the septic tank or treatment system and pumping settled effluent up to an inspection chamber, flow to the drainage system then takes place by gravity in the normal way.

Surface Water Pump sets

Due to the amount of rainwater that can fall in a short time period, Surface water run-off is often the most demanding of all applications, whether hard-standing or roof areas.

We offer a comprehensive range of packaged pump systems in both standard form or manufactured to bespoke specifications. Careful calculation of the run-off areas is essential when sizing these pump systems. 

Key Points

Firstly, don’t worry too much on sizing your pump station, all we need from you is information on key factors such as:

  • Application: e.g., domestic residential /commercial
  • Sewage, effluent or surface water?
  • Inlet depth (below ground level)
  • Pumping distance and lift
  • Electrical supply

Simply give us a call or send us an email enquiry with this information and we will be able to size the correct pump station for you.