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Matrix Sewage Treatment System

For any application, be it domestic, residential, commercial or industrial, where there is no access to a mains sewer by gravity or by pumping, the MATRIX sewage treatment plant provides an extremely safe, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to sewage disposal.

The design of the MATRIX system considers all those aspects which we have found to be important to domestic and commercial customers alike and is fully tested and CE certified to BSEN12566-3, which is now a mandatory requirement, achieving industry leading test results in both process and structural efficiency. (see Standards and Certification.)

There are no mechanical components within the treatment plant itself thereby ensuring that maintenance is minimal, simple and safe.

Installation is quick, simple and cost effective.

Once installed there is little visual impact as the flat cover finishes flush with ground level and is rated for safe pedestrian and light machinery load and there is no loss of area use, unlike treatment plants which have semi domed fibreglass covers.

MATRIX treatment plants can be installed in trafficked areas with little additional cost. (C&L Fabrication must be consulted in every instance).

Due to the flexibility of our manufacturing process, the MATRIX treatment plant can be built to accommodate any site installation restrictions there may be, as long as we can maintain the process requirements.