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Septic Tank Regulations 2020

New Septic Tank Regulations In 2020

The following information will let you see what the New 2020 septic tank changes will mean to you.

If you have an existing septic tank that discharges in to a watercourse, river, stream etc. you will have to either upgrade to a sewage treatment plant or install a drainage field, because the discharge from a septic tank isn't treated (clean) so will cause pollution.

So, what do you need to do?

If your septic tank is discharging waste water to a watercourse you don't need to panic as you still have some time to find a solution;

Option 1

Replace existing septic tank for a Sewage Treatment Plant – The sewage treatment plant must be certified to EN12566-3.

Option 2 

Install a septic tank conversion system to treat the waste water prior to discharging to the watercourse.

The Premier Tech Aqua Ecoflo system is ideal for this situation and will save thousands on installing a soak-away system.

Option 3

Discharge to a Drainage Field/Soak-away instead of discharging to the watercourse.

First you will need to carry out a percolation test to make sure the ground is suitable.

Then it will just be a case of re-routing your waste water from your septic tank to the new soak-away.

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2020 Regulation Options