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Marsh Whisspurr W-AVR Acoustic Vibration Reduction

Marsh Industries

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The Marsh Whisspurr Acoustic Vibration Reaction (AVR) unit has been designed to limit noise levels and vibrations from diaphragm compressors used in the water and wastewater treatment sectors.

Suitable for all types of compressor including; Bibus Secoh, Nitto and Charles Austen, the Marsh Whisspurr AVR unit is easily fitted inline between the compressor and air diffuser. If space permits, the Marsh Whisspurr unit should be fitted as close as possible to the compressor – preferably, inside the sewage treatment plant.

Please note, the Marsh Whisspurr Acoustic Vibration Reduction unit is chemically sealed and bolted shut, which creates a pressure vacuum when in operation. Any tampering, breaking of the seal, or removal of any bolts will invalidate the warranty and will prevent the unit from working effectively. This unit is also not suitable for side channel blowers.

What are the benefits of the Marsh Whisppurr Acoustic Vibration Reduction unit?

The Marsh Whisspurr Acoustic Vibration Reduction unit’s innovative design ensures that any noise pollution emanating from the compressor unit is dramatically reduced without hindering the overall performance of the treatment system. Rural areas, where continuous noise is a nuisance, particularly benefits from AVR unit’s noise and vibration reduction qualities.

Available in four standard sizes, the corrosion free Marsh Whisspurr AVR unit does not require any electrics and can be easily installed into existing wastewater and water treatment systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative UK design (patent pending).
  • Significantly reduces compressor volume and vibration without reducing in air pressure from the compressor.
  • No increase in back pressure to the compressor.
  • The unit contains no moving parts and requires no electrics.
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing compressors.
  • Hose tail is 20mm standard.
  • Ideal for rural areas where noise pollution is a nuisance.
  • Available in four standard sizes.
  • Manufactured from resin and glass polymer, making the unit corrosion free and invulnerable to warm/humid conditions.
  • Unit is dark green as standard.

Overall unit width: 142mm

Overall unit height (excluding hose tail): 140mm

Material (unit): Resin and Glass Polymer

Material (hose tail connections): Brass with Stainless Steel nuts and bolts.

Colour: Dark Green