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Marsh Poly-Air Soil Pipe Activated Carbon Vent Filter 110mm


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Polylok’s Poly-Air activated carbon vent filter can remove offensive odours such as Hydrogen Sulphide as they exit the sewer pipe network through vent pipes. This filter will eliminate these unpleasant odours.

The Problem

Every building with a wash hand bash or toilet for example has a network of sewer pipes installed typically beneath the floor to take away the wastewater. Odours from this sewer pipe network and septic tanks are frequent but often a random nuisance problem in home, work or elsewhere. When they occur they are unpleasant and even embarrassing. All sewer pipe networks and septic tanks should have vent pipes installed. These vent pipes allow the pressure to equalise as wastewater flows into the network from a sink, toilet or other sources. Without vent pipes, flow into the sewer network will be compromised and therefore it would not function correctly. Under normal conditions the vented air from the sewer pipe network is direct to the outside of the building and disperses into the outside air unnoticed. However, random event can occur where the wind outside redirects the odour from the vent pipe back towards an occupied area of the building.

The Solution

Install a Poly-Air activated carbon vent filter to prevent the odour problem by removing the offensive odours such as Hydrogen Sulphide as they exit the sewer network vent pipes.

Features and Benefits

The Poly-Air activated carbon vent filter is designed to fit your existing sewervent pipe. The standard unit will fit the most common 110mm sewer vent pipe. In situations where there is another sized vent pipe the Poly-Air will match the standard reducers and pipe fittings readily available in hardware stores or builders merchants.