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Marsh SUMP2DRAIN 300L Pumping Station - Sewage

Marsh Industires

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Marsh SUMP2DRAIN pump stations provide a convenient solution when gravity drainage is not feasible on-site. In these situations, waste from the property flows into an underground storage chamber, which is then pumped to the main sewer. These packaged pump stations are versatile, handling both foul water (sewage) and surface water applications.

Each pump station arrives on-site as a complete package, including all internal pipe work and a drainage pump. For added safety, we recommend installing a high-level alarm (available as an optional extra). All systems adhere to BSEN752-6 standards.


Easy installation

The Marsh190 and Marsh300 range are manufactured from high-grade MDPE and is small and compact for easy installation. Unique ‘keying-in’ lip assists anchoring in concrete.

Versatile applications

Removes grey water from final effluent in sewage treatment plants, drains, cellars and basements, and handles sinks, showers, kitchens and dishwashers. Handles sewage from extensions, garden rooms, small conversions and for pumping sewage to septic tanks, sewage treatment plants or to the mains sewer.

Reliable storage

The Marsh190S pump station provides 24-hour pumping capability and adheres to BSEN752-6 standards.

Readily available

The units are in stock and all necessary components are included. Surface water systems feature a submersible pump with 10mm solid handling pump. Foul water systems offer a submersible pump with 50mm solid handling pump.

Pump options

Marsh uses market-leading submersible pumps throughout its SUMP2DRAIN range to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency with minimal clogging or wear.

High level alarm

A high level alarm monitors the level of water in the pump station. An alarm signal is generated when there is an excessive level of water.

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