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Septic Tank Smell Remover 5 KG

Waste Water Supplies

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  1. Use to fix the problem of septic tank, bio treatment plant odours
  2. Promotes biological action of bacteria that removes smelly hydrogen sulphide
  3. As a result BOD levels are reduced and the septic system operates better
  4. Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats one septic tank twice

The Problem

Bacteria living in the septic tank consumes the sulphate oxygen to live. Sulphate oxygen can deplete in the the system which can reduce the bacteria’s growth and usually this will show by a “slime layer” that coats surfaces of the system.

The bacteria will consume sulphate oxygen after depleting elemental oxygen, leaving bi-sulphide ions to combine with hydrogen to form aqueous hydrogen sulphide and other gases which causes the odour problem.

How It Works

The introduction of HS Neutraliser into the septic tank system provides a primary oxygen source for the bacteria’s use that will stop the production of sulphate gases.

HS Neutraliser also stimulates the growth of bacteria which utilize dissolved hydrogen sulphide in their metabolism.

Removal of dissolved hydrogen sulphide gives a reduction in BOD.(The higher the BOD the stronger the smell)

Reduces odours and stimulates the biological activity of naturally occurring bacteria in septic tanks. This in turn gives a better functioning septic tank.

If you are currently getting bad smells from your septic tank this is the product for you.

Benefits Of Adding HS Neutraliser; (Bacteria)

  • Eliminates bad odours
  • Reintroduces primary oxygen source
  • Stimulate biological activity of natural bacteria

How To Use

HS Neutraliser comes in 1 (6 months) and 5 (36 months) kilo containers with measuring spoon

Simply add 45gms (1 heaped spoon) once per week via a toilet feeding directly into the system or can be added directly in the septic tank.

If smells are very bad add 4 – 8 heaped spoons initially.