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Pumping Range - Suitable For Flooding

At Waste Water Supplies we stock a range of pumps suitable for areas prone to flooding.

Our most popular pump

The Ego 500 SELS puddle pump are designed for handling clean or slightly polluted water. They feature an electronic adjustable Start/Stop facility, making them particularly useful for tight sump and low level (down to 1mm) pumping applications.

Ego 500 SELS Puddle Pump
Fully adjustable start/stop points
Upto 7.5m lift
150lpm flow rate

• Built-in thermal protection with auto reset
• Suitable for continuous duty up to 35°C
• 10m H07RN-F cable and plug as standard
• Supplied with non-return valve and variable hosetail as standard.
• Can be used partly or fully submerged
• 1" discharge with multi-step discharge hose

The EGO 500SELS has a 0.47kW motor running at Nom. 2.1Amp.
It is manufactured using antioxidant and corrosion resistant materials.
Pump casing, body and impeller in PPS, Stainless steel motor casing/shaft. Special wear resistant shaft coating with triple shaft seal.