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Marsh ENCO :Standard Sewage Treatment Plant - 6PE

Marsh Industries

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Marsh Enco:Standard sewage treatment plants are widely regarded as the most efficient, reliable and economical domestic systems on the market.

The standard Ensign has been adapted to improve reliability and the Ensign:Ultra now brings unique enhancements to further improve noise level, treatment efficiency and final effluent quality.


  • No moving parts
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Faster and safer to install due to lifting eye
  • Tested and certified to BSEN12566-3
  • 50-year design life
  • 10-year structural guarantee


  1. Inlet with ‘Forsheda seal’
    Forsheda seal provides flexibility in the joint for easier installation.
    Optional risers to increase invert depth are available.
  2. Primary settlement chamber
  3. Aeration chamber
  4. Advanced compressor with alarm (Ensign:Ultra units only)
    Near silent compressor ensures minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs. Integral alarm detects low pressure in air line. (Regular Low-energy compressor on Ensign:Standard models).
  5. Compressor housing – internal or external options available
    The compressor can be housed internally or externally with no difference in cost.
    External recommended to increase compressor life, and supplied as standard on 4PE, shallow and pumped outlet versions.
  6. RCD/Electrical connection (Ensign:Ultra units only)
    The RCD box provides easier installation and provides a higher degree of safety. (Regular plug/socket connection on Ensign:Standard models).
  7. PVC pressure pipe/diffuser(s)
    Provides a protective conduit for the air diffuser line. Can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.
  8. Bio-media
    High specification bio-media (310m3 per m2) and membrane diffusers ensure even circulation to eliminate ‘dead spots’. The bio-media is contained by a stainless steel securing mesh to ensure no migration during handling or potential flooding.
  9. Stainless steel mesh
    Retains media in aeration chamber during transportation and handling, and in the event of flooding.
  10. Final settlement chamber
  11. 32mm sludge return
    Larger diameter sludge return prevents the possibility of blockages and improves system circulation. Provides higher effluent quality whilst balancing flow over a 24 hour period or periods of intermittent use.
  12. Unique Polylok tertiary filter (Ensign:Ultra units only)
    The Polylok tertiary filter reduces suspended solids and BOD by a further 40% helping to extend drainage field life.
  13. Outlet with ‘Forsheda seal’
    Forsheda seal provides flexibility in the joint for easier installation.
    Optional pumped outlets are available.
  14. Impermeable lid
    Heavy duty lid/frame improves strength and durability whilst blending into the surrounding environment. (Regular lid on Ensign:Standard models).
  15. Integral lifting eyes
    For safe and secure on-site handling.
  16. Stabilising feet
    Stabilising feet prevents the tank from rolling and allows safe and steady transportation and installation.
  17. Unique ‘keying-in’ lip
    Assists anchoring into granular or concrete surrounds.


Population 6
Length (mm) 2602
Width (mm) 1650
Height (mm) 1935
Inlet Invert (mm) 550
Outlet Invert (mm) 625
Inlet and Outlet Pipe (mm) 110


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