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Regenerate Drain Field 1KG

Waste Water Supplies

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  1. Clears drain fields, leach fields, soak-aways making them free flowing
  2. Regenerates fields, breaks down the pipe clogging heavy black bio slime mat
  3. Saves the upheaval, cost of replacing the soakaway distribution pipework
  4. Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats small soakaway

Features & Advantages

  • Removes bad odours, boosts more efficient aerobic bacteria in the tank, and clears slow running drains.
  • Dissolves FOG deposits and thus adds to the effluent holding capacity of the system.
  • Regenerates leach fields, cess pools, and septic tanks.
  • Helps natural bacteria present in the soil of soak away field to grow.
  • Reduces BOD/COD levels of the effluent up to 80%.
  • Reduces sludge formation and hence lowering the frequency of pumping out the septic tank.
  • Works for all sizes of septic tank.
  • Very cost effective, eliminates the need of high investments required for re-digging.

How To Use

1 heaped scoop is equivalent to 40 grams.

Use the blue measuring spoon supplied with Hydra Re-Gen to measure the product.

You may add Hydra Re-Gen to the:

  • Toilet bowl
  • Distribution box
  • Drain box or Showers, sinks and bath.

Always flush the toilet after adding Hydra Re-Gen.

If adding to the shower, sink or bath run 5 litres (1 gallon) of water.

Adding sufficient water after the product application helps Hydra Re-Gen to pass the water traps and reach cesspool or septic system to start action.

Recommended dosage as per the size of septic tank:

  1. For 2,275 litres (500 gallon) system:

Existing System: Add 1 heaped spoon of Hydra Re-Gen every month to the toilet bowl and flush.

Seeding New System: Add 1 heaped spoon of Hydra Re-Gen every week in first month to the toilet bowl and flush. Apply the product monthly for maintenance treatment.

  1. For 4,500-9,000 litres (1000-1200 gallon) system:

Existing System: Flush down 2 heaped spoons of Hydra Re-Gen every month.

Seeding New System: Use 2 heaped spoons of the product for first four weeks of the month. Subsequently follow the maintained dose of 2 heaped spoons every month.

  1. For blocked or slow running drain field:

Add directly to the leach field through the distribution box. Mix 500gm of Hydra Re-Gen with 20 litres (5 gallons) of water. Remove standing water from the drain box. Add the mixture through the distribution box situated after the distribution tank. Repeat the treatment weekly until clear.

Full instructions on the label.

The problem:

Septic tanks fail or malfunction due to various reasons. It is important to maintain the septic systems to ensure effective effluent treatment which in turn eliminates the problem of sludge build ups, bad odour and choked drains. Following indications should alert you about the impending risk of a failing septic system:

Overflowing septic tank, effluent surfacing the surrounding land.

Bad odours from the drains or septic tank.

Close by streams or ditches being polluted from the effluent.

Sluggish toilet flushing operation and gurgling drains.

Overflowing toilets.

Dips/ground movement in the area nearby septic tank or drain field.

Overflow from the point of washing machine hook-up.

Overflowing bath/ shower area upon water release from filled sink.

Standing effluent in the drain inspection chambers.

One of the major reasons for a dysfunctional or failing septic system is the absence of efficient aerobic bacteria inside the septic tanks. Under anaerobic conditions poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas is produced, which can prove dangerous to animals and humans at the concentration of 10ppm. Anaerobic bacteria action also leads to sludge build up and secretion of bio slime. Slowly bio film or bio mat covers the porous pipe work in the leach fields and inside of the tank and drains resulting in loss of field flow and reduced waste holding capacity of the septic tank.


Hydra Re-Gen includes abundant fast and slow release oxygen agents, enzymes and nutrients which react naturally and quickly enhance the number of aerobic bacteria inside the septic tank. The unique composition of Hydra Re-Gen makes the facultative bacteria to switch to aerobic functioning, which is more efficient (up to 20 times) than the anaerobic action in breaking down the waste. Aerobic bacteria produces odour free carbon dioxide instead of foul smelling hydrogen sulphide.

Hydra Re-Gen effectively breaks down incoming waste and sulphides while maintaining the population of helpful bacteria in the septic system.

Preventive maintenance

Hydra Re-Gen prevents sludge and sulphides build up in the septic system. Use this drain cleaner chemical to keep drains free flowing and septic system functioning properly.

Microbiological Information:

Combination of various preselected facultative anaerobic bacteria (can grow with and without oxygen according to the availability of oxygen).

All select microorganisms are vegetative, spore forming, non-pathogenic cells and are Class 1 ATCC organisms. These are certified to be Salmonella Free.

Profuse production of protease, amylase, dioxygenase, cellulose, lipase, and pentasonase as primary enzymatic activity. Natural nutrients included for growth enhancement and bio stimulation.

Various Applications

Add to expedite the composting procedure.

Remove odour from farm waste, birds, cows, pigs.

Add to the grease interceptor of commercial kitchen to reduce odour.

Use for retrading high BOD wastes from industries.

Ideal to use in pump stations, waste water lift, sewage systems and recycling of waste.

For use in industrial waste water ponds.