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Graf One2Clean Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted by Rob G on

Graf One2Clean Sewage Treatment Plant 5 Person with Pedestrian Lid


The Graf One2Clean sewage treatment plants is incredibly low in weight it can be installed without heavy equipment. This means that they can be easily transported and installed in locations that are difficult to access.

Plastic wastewater tanks also have smooth inner surfaces, which makes them easy to clean. What's more, plastic tanks are 100 % waterproof.

A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. With one2clean, you will be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your waste water, while taking care of your budget and the environment.

SBR Technology giving a consistent high standard and less sludge to remove. Final Effluent Quality BOD 7MG/L : Suspended Solids 14MG/L : Ammonia 7.4MG/L (European Standard 20:30:20)


  • Single tank & Single Chamber
  • Granular base and surround making installation quicker and cheaper
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Telescopic Turret to suit any site levels
  • No mechanical elements in the waste water
  • No pumps in the waste water
  • No electrical components in the waste water
  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • 10 years warranty on sewage reservoirs
  • 2 years warranty on technology



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