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Klargester Summer SALE

Waste Water Supplies & Klargester have teamed up this Summer to bring you unbeatable prices across the Klargester Range. Dont miss out on offers on the Klargester BioDisc, Klargester Biotec and Klargester Pump Station ranges to name a few. Our best ever prices on the Klargester BioDisc range; Klargester BA BioDisc - 6 persons Klargester BA-X BioDisc - 9 persons Klargester BB BioDisc - 12 persons Klargester BC BioDisc - 18 persons Dont miss out order directly through our website or call us on 01296 841007  

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Supply Of A Vortex Sewage Treatment Plant To Rockwood Animals

At Waste Water Supplies we have supplied a Vortex 9 sewage treatment plant to Rockwood Animals in Caerphilly.     Unique Features of the VORTEX Sewage Treatment System; Extremely clean effluent - up to 98.9% pollutant reduction. Also OK for Northern Ireland with 98.2% BOD reduction. Fully adjustable to suit the number of people using it. The lowest electricity consumption of any electric plant - from only £25/year. Much lower maintenance costs than Non-Electric Treatment systems. Odourless - complete aerobic digestion throughout the sewage treatment plant. One piece tank construction - not sectional - no leaking seals. Very small size...

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A guide to inspection chambers and manholes

nspection chambers, also known as manholes, are an important part of any drainage system. These access points allow drainage professionals to inspect and survey underground utilities infrastructure, and perform essential repairs and cleaning work. The installation and maintenance of inspection chambers is crucial to keeping domestic and commercial drains in perfect working order – which is why it is essential for property owners and residents to understand how they work, and what is required to keep them well maintained. What is an inspection chamber/manhole? An inspection chamber is a sectional entry point that typically consists of a base, sealed sectional...

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Graf One2Clean Sewage Treatment Plant

SBR Technology giving a consistent high standard and less sludge to remove. Final Effluent Quality BOD 7MG/L : Suspended Solids 14MG/L : Ammonia 7.4MG/L (European Standard 20:30:20)

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Kingspan Raintraps - Avoid the Hose Pipe Bans

How To Avoid Hose Pipe Bans

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