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Evak Hippo 50 (Heavy Duty) Sewage Pump (7m Lift)


Regular price £330.00

Available in 110v and 230v single phase and 400V three phase models, the Hippo 50 submersible pumps have been designed for small dirty water and sewage type applications. They feature recessed vortex impellers providing a 50mm dia. solids handing capability

Pump Features

Norminal 0.37kW (0.5HP)
110v=8.5Amp – 230V=3.4Amp – 400V=1.1Amp
Thermal protector 1~
Overload protector 3~
Double mechanical seal (Ca/Ce + Sic/Sic)
Oil bath with oil seal
Cast iron/Stainless steel construction
Maxinmum operating temperature 40C
10m H07RN-F cable as standard
Float switch on single phase models
Weight only 14Kg