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Zoeller Sewage Pump (U222) 6m Lift


Sale price £390.00 Regular price £420.00

The newest version of the zoeller pump company sewage pumps - the Zoeller U222 sewage pump features a vertical float to avoid hang-ups of old float on wire feature.

50mm solids handling sewage pump with over 23,000lph flow rate. (see pump curve)
6m lift

• Cast iron motor housing with rust-resistant, baked-on enamel to provide great heat dissipation.
• Engineered plastic and stainless steel components provide improved corrosion resistance.
• Vent hole prevents air lock.
• Lifting handle for easy installation and removal.

• Residential wastewater from septictank.
• Wastewater removal from livestock areas.
• Factory wastewater removal.
• Wastewater containing objects removal.
• Sewage Pump for water treatment

Height - 404mm
Max Width - 250mm
10m cable and UK plug