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Clearwater Shallow Septic Tank 2,800 Litre

Posted by Rob G on

The Clearwater shallow septic tank 2,800 litre septic tank is suitable up to a 3-bedroom property or Five people in a domestic application.

  • Made from composite GRP - strong, light and watertight
  • Press moulded shape provides wide, squat, form which makes the tank easy to install and handle
  • Stable base for storage
  • All unit volumes are designed in accordance with the recommendations given in BS 6297: 1983
  • The new manufacturing process minimises styrene emissions and reduces waste - all the better for our environment

Features& Benefits

  • EN 12566-1 approved
  • Affordable & Cheapest Septic Tank On The Market
  • Recognised Market Leader in Kingspan Environmental
  • Deeper inverts available

The Kingspan septic tank is a stock item and is typically available within 3-5 working days to any site In the UK Free of charge.


  • 2,800 litres
  • Diameter - 1.2m
  • Height - 1.7m
  • Length - 2.9m


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