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Supply Of A Vortex Sewage Treatment Plant To Rockwood Animals

Posted by Rob G on

At Waste Water Supplies we have supplied a Vortex 9 sewage treatment plant to Rockwood Animals in Caerphilly.

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Unique Features of the VORTEX Sewage Treatment System;

  • Extremely clean effluent - up to 98.9% pollutant reduction. Also OK for Northern Ireland with 98.2% BOD reduction.
  • Fully adjustable to suit the number of people using it.
  • The lowest electricity consumption of any electric plant - from only £25/year.
  • Much lower maintenance costs than Non-Electric Treatment systems.
  • Odourless - complete aerobic digestion throughout the sewage treatment plant.
  • One piece tank construction - not sectional - no leaking seals.
  • Very small size enables economic installation in tight spaces.
  • The VORTEX has a unique debris screen - The Vibro-Screen™ keeps tampons, wipes, etc. out of the plant but lets organic solids through.
  • The VORTEX recycles its own waste products resulting in less sludge to remove.
  • No Primary Settlement Tank - No Primary Tank Odour.
  • No need to buy a separate sampling chamber - there is a unique sampling point within the tank. This saves you another £300.
  • Simple and cheap maintenance - one piece construction ensures no structural weakness..
  • Top Quality linear motor compressor - these compressors are much more expensive than cheaper diaphragm compressors used by other manufacturers, but they are almost silent, use very little electricity and CAN be repaired.
  • Cheap, easy installation. No Concrete needed for dry sites
  • 10 year tank warranty- no metalwork to corrode inside or outside the tank.
  • Can accept sewage pumped into it if required.
  • Versatile inlet depths - Vortex sewage treatment plants can be supplied for 200mm, 550mm or 950mm inlet invert levels.
  • Can be manufactured with the inlet and outlet on the same side at no extra cost for difficult sites.
  • EN 12566-3 2005 Test Report available on request.
  • Unbeatable ammonia reduction - incredibly down to 0.4mg/L. Very important for sensitive watercourses.




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