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Tricel Novo UK18 Sewage Treatment Plant - Pumped Outlet


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The Tricel Novo submerged aeration plant is suitable for domestic and light commercial or communal applications and uses simple proven fixed bed technology. Each system comprises of 3 independent treatment zones, all fulfilling a different stage of the purification process.

Tricel Novo sewage treatment plants are reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain for all wastewater requirements.

Tricel Novo Treatment Plant Features

  • Compression moulded SMC tank.
  • SMC is unique in the wastewater treatment industry with Tricel SMC tanks operating in some of the harshest climatic conditions for over 50 years with no defects.
  • Tricel’s ceramic diffuser is unique in the domestic wastewater treatment plant market and will last twice as long as all standard competitors rubber equivalents. This saves money in both call out fees and replacement parts.
  • No concrete backfill for installation on most sites
  • No moving parts or pumps in the plant ensuring reliable operation and minimal maintenance and repair costs.
  • Tricel Novo plants are designed with a shallow invert to reduce both installation and time costs.


Population equivalent: 18
Length: 4600mm
Width: 1640mm
Height: 2240mm
Max. Daily BOD: 1.08kg
Max. Daily Flow: 2700L
Primary Chamber Capacity: 2552L

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