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Marsh Portapura Temporary Sewage Treatment Plant - 3 Person Tank

Marsh Industries

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The portable and compact Portapura sewage treatment tank from Marsh Industries has been specifically designed for temporary accommodation (caravans/travel homes), site offices, site toilets and workshops. The Portapura can be installed above or below ground and treats domestic wastewater to a level that is 25 times better than the recommended EN standard.

What are the benefits of choosing Marsh Portapura?

This compact and portable sewage treatment tank is designed specifically for temporary buildings. Design objectives included performance, running costs, installation, transport and storage, making the Portapura the logical choice for sites where temporary buildings are required.

The Portapura’s compact design provides quick and easy installation (where below ground installation can be achieved in approximately 2 hours) with minimum visual impact on the surrounding landscape as well as simple and safe access for maintenance and cleaning.  Systems can be installed above ground and removed/stored when not in use.

The cost of installing and running the Portapura is minimal when compared to larger, commercial systems making it one of the more cost-effective sewage treatment tanks on the market.

Another benefit of choosing the Portapura sewage treatment tank is its impact on the environment. Being CE approved to BS EN 12566 with an ammonia result that is 25 times better than the recommended EN standard means the Portapura is well within discharge consent requirements.


  • Available in three sizes – 2, 3 or 5 person units (gravity or pumped outlet)
  • Compact, lightweight construction – No heavy plant required
  • Portable
  • Cost effective installation – Below ground installation can be achieved in approximately 2 hours
  • Outstanding treatment efficiency – 14:19:0.7mg/ltr (BOD:Suspended solids:Ammonia)
  • Near silent air compressor – Ensures minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs
  • Electrical consumption: 1.8kWh/d – Equivalent to the daily use of a lightbulb
  • CE approved to BS EN 12566
  • Fire resistance tested in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2:210
  • Tested for structural integrity in accordance with EN ISO 179-1/1eA
  • Neck extensions are available for deeper installations

Model: M3
People served: Up to 3
Length: 2050mm
Width: 1500mm
Height: 600mm
Inlet invert: 685mm
Outlet invert: 445mm
In/out diameter: 110mm
Operational Type: Gravity

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